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Re: [IPm] Fwd: [IP] kidney function tests

I am not sure why the urine "did not match".  If the creatinine clearance
is normal (56%) then it is normal.  This is the gold standard for kidney

A total creatinine in the urine (82) is normal for someone of this size.
Low volume might indicate some inaccuracy in collection or by virtue of
small volume,  a tendency for lab error could be compounded.  I assume the
.8 is the serum creatinine - a perfect number.

Since nothing was said about protein spill in any form, I would say that
congratulations are in order.  Without seeing the actual lab tests in hand,
this is the best I can do.

Dr. Joe

At 01:43 PM 01/16/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Just thought i would forward this to you guys just incase you don't have 
>the main list..  I thought you would have the best answer for him
>Brian Carter
>>Date: 16 Jan 00 15:37:27 EST
>>From: denise poole <email @ redacted>
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>>Subject: [IP] kidney function tests
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>>A few months back I posted about having some kidney function tests come back
>>with strange results. Although my blood creatine clearence came back normal,
>>my urine results didn't match, they were a 56%. I just retested and they
>>were alittle off, blood normal, urine 82. And both times the volume
amount was
>>low. The Dr also gave me a number of, .8,. I am not completely sure what all
>>of this means. My Dr has a  very heavy accent and is very soft spoken, so I
>>feel foolish trying to ask and understand questions. He did say that these
>>tests may be coming back this way because of my size, I am only 98 lbs. Does
>>this makes sense, does anyone understand these results better than I do? I
>>would really appreciate any help? Thanks, Denise
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