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Re: [IPm] [Fwd: Pump occlusion]

     I am an insulin-dependent diabetic of 6 years using the Minimed 507 pump with Humalog insulin and a pediatric anesthesiologist who also experiences the same problem your son does from time to time.  In my case the problem is due to fatigue of the plastic tubing of the infusion set right at the junction of the tubing where it exits the more rigid  plastic flange connected to the syringe.  The white appearance is due to fatigue of the plastic when it is subjected to constant flexion with use.  I DO get a no delivery warning that tells me when I am getting into trouble so my sugars are rarely off. Whenever this happens I IMMEDIATELY get rid of the old infusion set, attach a new set, reprime and reconnect it to the Minimed. Hope this of help!

John Pullerits, MD

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