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[IPm] questionaire

Hello members of the Insulin Pumpers medical professional mail list.

A colleague is conducting market research about the insulin pump market 
and had a few questions he asked that I post to you. If you have the 
time, please write your comments an simply reply to me privately

Thank you,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
email @ redacted


Insulin Pump Survey 

reference: US pump companies currently in market
   Dana Diabecare 
   Smith's Medical/Cozmo

1. Over the past year how many new patients have you put on pump

2. Is this an increase or decrease over the past year? 

3. Do you see established pump patients switching brands? If so, which
    pump is gaining and which pump is being replaced? 

4. Which insulin pump do you recommend most often? Why? 

5. Based on your observations which pump is the simplest to use?

6. How often do you recommend pump users test their blood sugars?

7. How often do you recommend pump patients test their A1C levels?

8. In your opinion what is the biggest obstacle to putting a patient on
    pump therapy?

   a. Lack of insurance coverage 

   b. Calibrating/learning curve 

   c. Patients don't want to be hooked up to mechanical device 

   d. Other 

9. Do you believe Lantus is having a negative impact on pump

10. In your opinion do you believe pump therapy is a better treatment
    regimen then multiple daily injections (MDI)?  Yes No 

   a. If yes, why do you feel this way? 

      i. Patients reach an A1c level of 7 or below 
     ii. Patient compliance 

11. Please rate the following pump brands on: 

   a. quality /reliability 

   b. patient support 

   c. helping patients with their insurance 

   d. overall value 

12. which pump company is the easiest to work with (rank)

13. which pump company offers the best customer service (Rank)

14. Are you using an insulin pump? If yes, which brand and how long on
    your current pump - have you switched pumps? If so from what was
    your previous pump 

Please tells us about your practice

How many patients do you have? % that have diabetes

The total number/%  on pump therapy, MDI, oral only, combination

Which category best describes your practice

How long have you been practicing

How many pump trainers do you in your office? 
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