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Re: [IPm] question regarding alternative sites

> Does anyone have experience with using alternative sites to the
> abdomen? Legs? Arms? Buttocks?  What was the outcome? Any problem
> with maintaining sites over active muscles?
> Thanks for your insights.
> Janet von Weiler

All those sites are usable and then some...


"Photos of where to put infusion sets"

With respect to set insertion over active muscle groups. The vertical 
insertion sets reportedly have more difficulty for two reasons. One, 
they generally are deeper. Two, they can come completely out more 
easily if the tissue is folded/moved during exercise. The horizontal 
insertion sets (Silohuette/Tender/Comfort sets) work well if inserted 
perpendicular to the general movement of the underlying tissue. 
Sometimes placing the set as little as 1/2 inch away from a problem 
insertion point will make it work fine. Common areas for athletes and 
girls hiding set under the bikini is the upper buttocks -- at about 
the same level as the top of a jean pocket. Other sites -- love 
handles: see

"Videos showing Tender/SilComfort Set Insertion"

Hope this helps

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
email @ redacted
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