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[IPm] (Fwd) FW: diluent for NovoLog


There have been several requests from parents of pediatric pumpers 
for a diluent for Novolog. I've spoken the the pharm-chemist at Novo 
but they are unable to say what should be used because of regulatory 
constraints. They were kind enough to provide me with the ingredients 
and names of the available diluents for their other products.

Are any of you comfortable enough with the information provided to 
make a recommendation for a suitable diluent for Novolog.

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
email @ redacted

Novo's response...................................

Diluent ingredients:

Soluble diluent (for use with Novolin(r) R): Glycerol, metacresol,
sodium hydroxide/HCL (to adjust pH) 

Isophane Insulin Diluent (for use with Novolin(r) N and 70/30): 
Glycerol, Disodium Phosphate Dihydrate, metacresol, phenol, sodium 
hydroxide/HCL (to adjust pH) 

Insulin Zinc Diluent (for use with Novolin(r) L): Zinc 
chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate, methyl 
parahydroxybenzoate, Sodium hydroxide/HCL (to adjust pH)

Ingredients for NovoLog: glycerin, phenol, metacresol, zinc, disodium
hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide/HCL
(to adjust pH).

No recommendation can be made at this time on diluting NovoLog or
Velosulin(r) BR with any of the above three diluents, even on a
theoretical basis.

Novo Nordisk....
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