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Re: [IPm] (Fwd) [IP] Health question

She should be checked for autonomic neuropathy.

Dr. Joe

At 09:08 AM 2/21/2001 -0800, Michael wrote:
>This was posted to the patients forum this morning. Anyone have any
>email @ redacted
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>Date:          Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:55:02 EST
>Subject:       [IP] Health question
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>Good Morning everyone,
>I am a diabetic for 5 years.  Been trying to get the pumper but, still
>working with the Air force and VA doctors.  I am 32 female.  I have
>been having shortness breath and chest pains for over two weeks.  And
>the doctors can't fine anything worng with me yet.  I keep asking them
>if it has to do with my Diabetes.  But no answers.  I have EKG's, lung
>scans, Breath pressure test.  And all came not okay.  If anyone can
>help please e-mail me personal. Thanks Melissa McClcerren
>email @ redacted
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