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Re: [IPm] treating non-diabetic severe-chronic hypoglycemia


Hypoglycemia unrelated to diabetes has many different causes. Generally speaking, when glucose consumption exceeds glucose production (or absorption following a meal), then there is a risk for low blood sugar. The body has a myriad of defense mechanisms that attempt to protect against low blood sugar, since normal brain function depends on the metabolism of glucose. From an endocrinologist's point of view, hypoglycemia has a long list of possibilities. Some causes are fairly straightforward whereas others are sometimes quite difficult to diagnose. Some causes that get a lot of attention, but that are quite rare, include insulin producing tumors or tumors that produce insulin-like substances in excess quantities. Other causes reflect an inability to maintain a normal glucose level between meals, such as with persons with severe liver disease or metabolic diseases of the liver (e.g. the glycogen storage diseases). The list goes on. Treatment is always tailored to the diagnosis. What is the question that has been raised about this issue and perhaps I or others in the medical advisory group can attempt to answer the query more precisely.

Steve Ponder MD, CDE
Pediatric Endocrinology
Driscoll Children's Hospital

Michael wrote:

A thread has appeared on the mail list about treating
recurring non-diabetic severe-chronic hypoglycemia.

Anyone care to comment? There have been a number of questions but
know one seems to know very much and there has been a request for
physician input.

email @ redacted
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