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Re: [IPm] Re: Humalog Sensitivity -- Problem, Solutions

> Dear Michael:
> Please do not interpret my reply as a "poo-poo" of your
> observations.  I think that they are probably correct, but I think
> that the explanation that you were given is highly unlikely. 
> Instead, I offered a mechanism by which I believe that they can
> plausibly be explained.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were being negative. I've 
received some very negative comments in the past about this idea and 
yours were refreshingly positive in comparison. 
> I am not surprised that the "tail" effect proved undesireable. 
> Lispro insulin has been a tremendous boon.  

The tail is not really noticable with a 5:1 H:V mix. With increasing 
Velosulin is becomes noticeable and does not appear to improve the 
site life. There are a few pumpers I know who use lower ratios, but 
they do so because the action of H is too fast and they have 
digestive complications. This is only a few people however.

> It finally made pumps
> really useful. unfortunately, it is far from an ideal pump insulin,
> just as you point out.
>  From the data that I have seen and from my own pre-launch
>  experience, I
> think that aspart (Novolog) may be superior in pumps, although I am
> not yet ready to endorse it as the universal pump insulin.
I'd appreciate it if you would pass on any info you gather. There are 
many pumpers interested in this.

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