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Re: [IP] secure pump to body

What works for me, Phil, is clipping the pump to the front of my
pajamas or underwear that I wear at night.  That way when I turn in
the middle of the night, the pump does not interfere and doesn't wake
me up.  I made a belt-like contraption out of a really stretchy
T-shirt doubled up lengthwise and then sewn to create pockets.  I use
it when I go walking.  In one pocket I put the pump, in another I put
my MP3 and in another my phone.  I can send you a picture to your
email as IP does not accept attachments.  I hope it helps.

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 4:51 PM
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> hi all, i am trying to find a new way to keep my pump secure on me but also
 > keep the tubingB secure, i have used my pants or shorts pockets,, i have used
> the clip, i have used the belt that i ordered aftermarket belt with a pouch
> that i really liked as i could wind up the tubing and slide it into the pouch
> along with the pump and be nice and tidy , but that belt that came with the
> pouch wore out and i bought a belt to replace it with and its not working, i
> hate it, but i also used to wear the belt that wore out to bed and sleep in
> it, my experience has been the pump falls out of any pajama pocket i may
> use.B  anybody can recommend a way i would be greatfulB regardsphil diagnosed
> 1975 age tenshots and clinitest for years until medicare covered pumps and
> monitors
> .
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