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Re: [IP] Tandem tslim:x2 Malfunction (Resolved - Maybe, maybe not)

I got a call yesterday at around noon, it was Tandem Diabetes. I answered,
and assumed it was to my weekend calls to support.
It was actually a call from Customer Care (Different from Customer
Support!) about a survey over the weekend (not related to my pump problem)
that I responded negatively to.
He said that they should have called back, and he would contact the tech
support managers of the problem.
He also said if you have a problem with Tech Support, contact Customer
Care. (Customer care is only during weekdays, so try tech support first if
on weekend).
I got another call about 3:00 from tandem, but I was taking the trash out,
and couldn't get to the phone in time.... they haven't made an attempt to
call back)

Anyway, After about 7 attempts to turn off the pump, and restart it, it was
working. Remember you need to have the charger hooked up, and hold the top
button for about 30 seconds until it beeps 3 times).

I am not sure of the problem, but it is not occurring right now.

I like the pump, and its features (especially the dex), but tech support is
severely lacking.
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