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[IP] G6 Transmitter

Good morning everyone! I am hoping maybe somebody can give me some advice.I am
new to the Tandem/G6 combo. I ordered the system back in the spring, as I was
out of warranty with my Animas/G4 system. No issues, and the system arrived
rather quickly. Meanwhile, I still had (still have) several months of supplies
for the Animas system and was trying to use that up before making the switch.
Long story short, my Animas stopped working, and I started using the
Tandem...b&.since I ordered my first shipment so early and was able to build
a small stock of supplies, I JUST realized I have 2 transmitters for the G6
portion that I never used. They both have expiration dates that have passed
(September 2019), but were never activated on the CGM or the Tandem system.B 
Just wondering if anyone has experience, as the transmitter I am currently
using is still good for another month. Since these are past the expiration
date, will they even work? Should I just choke it up to lesson learned. I
don't want to waste a sensor to find out. B  Thanks in advance for any info. I
really appreciate it!! B B Jennifer
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