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[IP] I got my pump this morning!

I came downstairs after waking and saw a big box on my dining room 
table.  When I saw the word "Medtronics" on the box, I did a happy 
dance!  The box contains a Paradigm Revel, a One Touch wireless meter, a 
"care" flash drive, and lots of reading material.  I'll be going through 
all the educational stuff before I schedule my appointment for the one 
on one education and hookup.  Once I do have my pump hooked up and am 
really using it, I'll probably be posting about my new experiences every 
day.  I'll be sure to put the word "blog" in my subject lines, so anyone 
who doesn't want to read about all my new stuff will be able to just 

I'm so glad I will be using my pump, soon, for my MDI routine is just 
not working as well as I'd like for managing my BG.  I do know things 
won't be "perfect" with my pump, either - especially at first!  I'll be 
happy if pump therapy gives me more even control instead of the roller 
coaster I'm on, now.

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