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[IP] RE: Cortisone Shot - The Day After

Denise wrote:
This morning, my breakfast bolus needed to be almost doubled, but I
still reached the low 200s...by late afternoon, my BG was in the pits.
Now, I have just reached 200 again (BUZZ! said the Dexcom!) and will
bolus sharply for that.

I didn't feel the need to call my endo for advice on changing dosage to
compensate for the cortisone.  The CGMS is giving me good info - even
though the sensor is on Day 16 of its life.

Anybody with any info on trigger finger(s) is welcome to contact me
off-list.  So far I've heard from just over a half dozen people with
trigger finger.  Just want to know if you've had a clicking or stuck
digit, what you did for it and if it resolved the problem.



It has been over 10 years since I had surgery on my digits and wrists.
I had cortisone in a trigger thumb in each hand; I also had trigger releases
in a total of 5 digits; and I had releasing of DeQuervain's Syndrome in both

All this injury was the result of a serious fall down a flight of basement
stairs landing with one wrist forward and one backward

Whenever I have had cortisone shots, I have required using abt  2 /2 times
my normal basal/background insulin dosages for up to 10 days, with only the
last day or two being less than 2X

Meal boluses did not seem to change too much with the cortisone, assuming
that I got and kept the BG down closer to normal

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