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Re: [IP] A question on behalf of a friend

 It sounds more like she could go for Federal SSID or SSI. In the meantime, look
into MSI (Medical services for the Indigent)
 *I* own my own home outright, and because of being legally blind all my life I
get SSI and Medicaid.

 Now that I am 55, they're trying to make me go on SSID (Social Security) and
Medicaid/Medicare. Bang goes CGMS and more hoops to do for medical things. I got
another supplies order filled and will have that before any changes take place,
but don't know what the summer will hold once the changes happen in my coverage.

I live in California, but from what I understand, my benefits are Federal.

On May 20, 2011, at 7:45 PM, Mary Donovan wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a friend on a list for parents of kids with diabetes who posted this
> question to our group: My older sister is diabetic and insulin dependant. She
 > is unemployed and has no insurance, nor does she qualify for state
> She is stressing and struggling to get her insulin. I have thought about
> allowing her to borrow my sons insulin stuff, but I can not deprive my son to
> help my sister. I am doing some research online to help my sister, but was
> wondering if any of you have been in this position or know someone who needs
> insulin but can't afford it. I am so worried about my sister and her diabetic
 > needs. Just wanted to give a shout out to my diabetic peeps..... Right now
 > is in California but will be heading back to Missourri this summer. She
> qualify for state aid because two years ago when her husband passed away our
> mom helped her pay off her house in Mo. so she wouldn't have to stress about
> that. So, since she owns her home
> outright, she doesn't qualify for state assistance unless she sells her
> house. And it's silly, because it's not an expensive home, it's a small house
 > in a very small town in Missourri.Thank you for your help with this. I got
> permission to post her question to the group in the hopes that some of you
 > might have some ideas that I can send along to her. Thanks so much in advance
> for any advice you can give!
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