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[IP] New pump approved

I have researched the OmniPod extensively, talked to the sales rep and my CDE
about this. I have been approved for it, but have not decided to make the

The OmniPod does NOT come pre-filled.  You need to fill the pod before you use
it.  It can only be used once though. 

With my insurance it was going to cost me about $500 upfront and between $200
and $250 every 3 months.  I use more than 100 units of U500 insulin per day,
so each pod would last me slightly less than 2 days, so I would be getting 4
boxes of pods most quarters, where most people would get by on 3 boxes per
quarter.  A pod should last most people for 3 days, but not me. 

Peoria, IL

On 5/18/2011 10:04 AM, Laura Shapiro wrote:
> <I like the fact
that you can just pop in a cartridge, eliminates
> lots of filling
 handling! (great for us that have arthritis also)
> I
would love to see more info, a video demo at least, and pricing
 > Didn't the Dtrons used to take prefilled? We
*need* more competition and more
 > choices, not less. You figure
all the years that pumps have been on the
> and we dont
have too many options. I say good for these guys, bring it on!
Laura in NM
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