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Re: [IP] new pump approved

<Yes, but wasn't that convenience a little pricey?
Denise B.>

I have no idea! 
 All I know is we need choices, and we need competition. I agree, unless they
make cartridges available in at least Novolog and Humalog, it wont be for
everyone. I also have no plans to concern myself with a CGMS. My HMO is barely
covering it, and I personally dont want one. So I think we need pumps in the
marketplace which dont have that connection. The more choices, the better. Why
wouldn't you want some competition to spark other more established companies to
ramp up their game a bit? If somehow pay as you pump turns into each cartridge
counting as DME (which my dumb HMO does with Omnipod pods), then forget it.
Since I know two people on the board, maybe one day I will have a chance to ask
questions. Maybe not....
Laura in NM.
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