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[IP] Re: insulin pump differences (WAS differeces)

2. Is it really that important that your pump reminds you of the last time
you changed your infusion set? I change mine every 3 days.

I just see these remarks come up frequently and I would just like to know
how important these things really are.

Thanks, Mark

I never used to have a problem with 'remembering' to change sites, even 
while home schooling 2 kids
BUT my life has changed dramatically and now, even calendar reminders are 
easy to overlook
(now, in addition to the 12+ acres and an 80+ MIL who needs rides, I have a 
3.5 yr old granddaughter and a mother with Alz and stuff just keep slow on 
the radar)

The 3 day thing doesn't work for me for those above the waist, those are 2.5 
days, and most often it takes 2 'strange' (higher than expected) readings 
before it clicks to check when the last site change was!

I am not sure if reminders form the pump would help or not, but I can see 
that there are so many tools on the pumps, and each user being unique, well, 
maybe it works for others?

On the Medtronic, do you input it manyally, like 3 days from now (or 3/5 
days) or does it automagically assume 3 days?

BTW, I dont swim and try not to jump overboard while in a boat, so the 
waterresistant issue is not important to me right now

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