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Re: [IP] Insulin pump differeces

 I do water activities in the summer. I have a pool and live a few miles from
the ocean and many bays. I kayak. I use minimed. Animas only has a 200 unit
reservoir and that would mean more frequent set changes for me. My minimed is
fine with just a little water like rain or washing the car. I disconnect to swim
and since I'll be moving around in the water won't need as much insulin. In the
kayak I use a protective pouch I got a few years ago made for electronics. Works
fine. I also have a waterproof box to keep my test kit in while kayaking.

 As for site changes, I run out of insulin about every three days so the pump
does remind me with low reservoir warnings.


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On May 16, 2011, at 12:36, "Mark Thomas" <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > I have pumped insulin for about 12 years now and I would like to ask the
group a few questions?
 > 1. Many people make a big deal about Minimed pumps not being waterproof. I
don't know about everyone on the group but, couldn't you just disconnect when
your in the water? I take my pump off when I shower and I don't have any serious
 > 2. Is it really that important that your pump reminds you of the last time
you changed your infusion set? I change mine every 3 days.
 > I just see these remarks come up frequently and I would just like to know how
important these things really are.
> Thanks, Mark .
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