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Re: [IP] Insulin pump differeces

Interesting questions.

#1 - Agreed.   Waterproofness isn't a big deal for me, but then some people 
manage their liquid environment details differently and may NEED this.

 #2 - With the number of things I have to remember, schedule, and deal with each
week, it was nice with my Cozmo when it reminded me to change my site out.   I 
didn't have to do anything extra for this to happen.   It was a NICE, although 
not necessary, feature, but I still miss it greatly.   On the Ping there is no 
easy way to view when your site was changed last.   The only way I've figured 
out how to do it via the pump is to look the Prime History for the 1u prime 

 I refuse to mark it on the calendar. I don't live by my calendar and only use
it for occasional time-space references.

 I think a lot of folks just have issues with the pump manufacturers ignoring
the end users may want to use and interact with their pumps.    The fewer 
niceties that exist, the more it's like raising another child with constant 


From: Mark Thomas <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Mon, May 16, 2011 9:36:59 AM
Subject: [IP] Insulin pump differeces

 I have pumped insulin for about 12 years now and I would like to ask the group
few questions?

 1. Many people make a big deal about Minimed pumps not being waterproof. I
 know about everyone on the group but, couldn't you just disconnect when your in
the water? I take my pump off when I shower and I don't have any serious 

2. Is it really that important that your pump reminds you of the last time you 
changed your infusion set? I change mine every 3 days.

I just see these remarks come up frequently and I would just like to know how 
important these things really are.

Thanks, Mark .
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