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[IP] Animas Cartridge Recall (Feb/2011)

As everybody knows (especially Ping users), Animas recalled a bunch of 
cartridges in February and sent out replacements.  But I've been using 
one of the boxes that they sent me, and it seems like my BGs are going 
whacko, and they're going whacko exactly the same way that they did in 
January-February:  they like to stay around 200-250 and no correction 
bolus will bring that down.  If I eat something that requires a large 
bolus, it doesn't work.  Tonight for supper I had a DQ burger and shared 
a small order of fries with my ex-husband. After 14 units, a walk in the 
local nature center, a trip to Menards (big store, long walk), I was 
280.  Usually, that requires something really carb-loaded to get that 
high.  But I didn't have a Blizzard... or drink any mystery soda from 
the fountain.  I ran out of insulin this a.m. and changed everything, 
and changed the infusion set again in between temper tantrums.

I am using Comfort 23" infusion sets with the longer cannula - Lot 
634995, insulin that I bought 3 months ago locally at Walgreens which is 
highly effective when delivered by syringe and Animas cartridges for the 
Ping - Lot B201629.

My normal I:C ratio is 1 unit per 6 grams of carbs and my CF is 1:35, so 
14 units should put me under the table.  Nope.  I was slighted PO'd at 
280, and took 10 units by syringe.  That brought me to 110 in less than 
2 hours and am now watching carefully to make sure that I don't go any 

So...to make a long story short, is anyone else having trouble with 
Animas' replacement cartridges?  I am calling them tomorrow to inquire.

Denise B.
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