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[IP] Re: going camping

<snip original post>
4. Do not eat or cook in your tent. Avoid storing food or attractants in 
sleeping bags or backpacks.  Suspend such items from trees when backpacking.
5. Treat nonfood items such as gum, soap, toothpaste or deodorant as food. 
are attractive to a bear's acute sense of smell.
Just wondering, does this mean you don't shower or wear deodorant?
If you smell like a human, with those items washed onto youcan you keep a 
tube of glucose in your INSIDE pocket, where the smell of you (soap, shampoo 
and all) is greater?
just checking
<trying to picture having the with-it-enoughs to be able to retrieve any 
such item from a tree hang with a truly low BG level...NOT something *I* 
could handle, as somrtimes, just getting a smarties pkg open and the candy 
in my mouths is a serious challenge with a 45-50 BG....and in my picture, a 
camping trip has more exercise, and other features that induce unexpected 
lows, at least for me>
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