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Re: [IP] Going camping!

I keep one tube of tightly closed sugar pills in the tent with me and 
then hope not to open them.  My daughter isn't sure if these are 'bear 
magnets' and I had a couple of episodes of being unable to get to the 
car or table fast enough to get to them.

My daughter is keeping me supplied with willing vic-, er, students! 
That's it, students for Camping 101 class.  Rule 1:  No food in the 
tent, or lots of things will try to share the tent (and food) with you. 
  Some of these pests don't come through the door...they will just chew 
their way through the fabric.  A bad rule for diabetic campers, but 
necessary to discourage midnight marauders.

Sigh...there are other rules for water bottles, shoes, glasses, knives 
and books, but those are Off Topic!

Denise B.

On 5/13/2011 6:01 AM, Candace Hackney wrote:
> Marshall,
> I don't quite understand the question? What do you mean? Am I not allowed to
> keep food in my tent? I guess the bears would smell it.  I had a couple of
> albino raccoons around night fall one year communicating to each other and
> then proceeding to get into the cooler. I made sure and put everything back
> into the vehicle.
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