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RE: [IP] no dr will see me

It means taking their advise into consideration, however some Drs want you
to take it blindly. When I was in the hospital for shingles the Dr
prescribed heparin to prevent clots even though I was mobile. This caused my
site to become black and blue and bleed profusely when I removed it. I
called my Endo and he advised me to refuse the heparin which I did. The Dr
at the hospital the told me I had no right to refuse what he prescribed (A
lie) and that he was going to discharge me for not following his orders. I
called the patient advocate who helped me get another Dr assigned.  Doctors
make mistakes and some think they are G-d so YOU must take responsibility
for your care.

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Doesn't taking responsibility for your treatment also mean WILLINGLY dealing

 with someone whose advice you're willing to follow after YOU pay them
If you visit the same Dr. more than once and don't follow the advice you're 
paying him/her to give you, then it's both a waste of their time and your 
money.    I don't think the DR's have time to waste, so I don't see a

Yes, a lack of other providers complicates things, but you can't blame this
the Dr.


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I don't believe you have to follow Dr's orders just because they say so. My
Endo at the Joslin tells me that he gives me advice but that I am in charge
of my treatment. I have a real problem with Drs that think they are G-ds.
You need to take responsibility for your treatment.
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