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RE: [IP] Re: OmniPod

 I use an omnipod and part of your post caught me attention... I was setting up
a new pod and it malfunctioned. No problems with my sugars, thankfully. The darn
thing just let out an alarm. Needless to say it was very annoying (I guess
that's the idea). I put it in the freezer -- I could still hear it. Finally, I
put it in the microwave for 10 sec. on high -- a little arcing and sparks but
the thing was fried. End of alarm.


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Jamie:  Regarding the OmniPod system
This is just a quick cut and paste from a note I sent to the Parents of
Pumpers I-P email digest on Wednesday--along with this update:   this
 afternoon Annie is going back to the Pod so she can do a two-hour Swim-a-Thon
fundraiser tonight with insulin on board the whole time! Yay! And Insulet is
sending us two replacement pods with a return shipping label for us to send them
the bad pods for diagnosis. BTW--They also have a recycling program for used
pods, which I love. Pumpers generate too much medical waste!

Wednesday, May 4, 11pm:
 My 17 year old daughter has been using the OmniPod very happily since November,
after 12 years of various other pumps, primarily Animas and Disetronic before
that. She loved the pod system until yesterday when she had two major pod
failures. One deactivated itself at the end of the school day and the alarm
could not be silenced until she changed it out as soon as she got home. Then she
ate a large pasta meal and headed to swim practice.
 Apparently pod #2 died sometime during practice, but she didn't hear the alarm
in the water, not until she'd been without insulin for a couple of hours! She
was full of ketones by the time she got home and got that pod removed. It
couldn't be silenced because the PDM couldn't communicate with it, but we were
instructed to put it in the freezer where we wouldn't have to hear it until its
batteries died. Needless to say, Annie was frantic and furious and would not try
a third pod last night. She made me re-animate her old Aniimas Ping and she's
wearing it for now. We don't have many supplies of sets, cartridges and strips
for the Animas pump available (just donated our extras to Insuln-Pumpers.org),
so I hope she'll forgive the OmniPod and go back to it in another day or so. She
had loved being untethered for these past 7 months!
 And it was great being able to keep the basal insulin coming during swim
practice after years of disconnecting and trying to compensate for the missed
doses. (When she was younger she swam with her Animas pumps connected but has
refused to do so in the past few years.)

 Natalie, has Insulet given you any info about why Andrea has had pod issues
lately? Wonder what the problem is. Both Annie's bad pods were
 (coincidentally?) from the same lot number and had sequential i.d. numbers,
when they were supposed to have been packed randomly (L30465 and pods 040148 and
040149) and both their error ref. numbers began with 19-. I could see liquid
among the circuitry inside the second pod but don't know if it was water or

 Before yesterday I would have given the OmniPod system a glowing review. It is
wonderful not to have to deal with tubes and clothing (dressing for prom was a
breeze this year!), and I thought we were pretty happy with the entire system.
But Annie's bad afternoon and evening, followed by a night of correcting and
crashing, was no fun. For beginning pumpers, you might want to avoid the drama
and stick with some older technology until the OmniPod problems are resolved.

 Maybe I'll mention this on the regular Insulin-Pumpers.org list and see if any
other adults are experiencing the same issues with pod failures...


Mama to Annie, dx'd 12/97 at age 3, pumping since 4/00, currently with OmniPod

Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.
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