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[IPn] Spring pledge drive

Hello Pumpers and Friends,

The Insulin-Pumpers mail list and Web site provides invaluable 
support to the Diabetes community through the combined experience of 
its  5,000 members, and by building a community among those members. 
To continue doing this, though, we need your financial support. 
Whether it's a $10, $25, or $100 contribution doesn't really matter, 
as every little bit helps.  

Here's what some of our members have had to say about Insulin-Pumpers

"I have learned more from IP these past seven years than I have from 
any medical "professionals" in my 43 years of diabetes. I am thankful 
beyond words for IP and the many tips and explanations that have been 
offered here. And I know many on the list have received tangible help 
from Michael in the way of supplies, and between users themselves."  

"I believe the majority of people who read this website have gained 
some degree of knowledge from it... To some, this website has 
literally been a lifesaver. I hope we can all help in whatever way we 
can, whether it be financially, sending supplies, helping to get 
donations, offering what knowledge we may possess, being a volunteer, 
whatever each of us can do to keep this site up and running."  

"If it hadn't been for the information on this web site and list I 
would never had stayed with pumping. Not everyone has an easy time 
getting started and because of other complications it was very 
frustrating for me. The helpful members and the web site kept me 
going and now that I have almost 3 years pumping, I am very 

"I challenge any other newbies that have been on this list less than 
6 months and haven't yet contributed financially to maintaining the 
list to get out your checkbook and contribute $100, in increments of 
$10 a month. If just 9 other people do this....I'm absolutely certain 

I've seen waaaay more than 9 new profiles this week alone......then 
we will have contributed $1000 to the list for this year. Nuff said?"

If Insulin Pumpers has helped you, the way to show your appreciation 
is by making a contribution that will assist IP in continuing to 
provide the kind of community and service that you have already 
received. Make a contribution or sustaining gift by visiting the 
Insulin Pumpers donation page:  


To set an example for others to follow, make a challenge to the other 

forum members to MATCH your gift, use the Insulin Pumpers challenge 
page at:  


If you prefer to send your contribution by mail, address it to:

Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

My best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org