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Re: [IP] testing at work

In my Church we receive Communion under both forms, wine and bread. When the
germ-o-phobes complain about this it is pointed out that the AMA had made a
statement that the practice does not present a risk. First of all, because the
wine has alcohol and secondly because of wiping the cup after each use. So, it
would seem to me that the AMA must have made a medical statement about any
risks that testing blood presents--which I suspect would be none or else we
would get dire warnings with our blood meters. I substitute teach, mostly in
private schools. I give to the school I will be at a little primer on what to
do. I tell the kids I am subbing what to do and where I carry my sugar pills
(tablets). I tell them that they should not ask me if I am alright, but just
put some of the tablets in my hands. They will not get in trouble for doing
that. A teacher next door is warned about what to do.  When it comes to
testing I let them know I am going to test and tell them if they want to watch
they can. They almost always want to watch. I put the lancet and strip in a
plastic bottle (my portable "Sharp's Container"), which is just an old 50
tablet size glucose tablet bottle. What I gotta do is not lick my finger
afterwards, a bad habit I am trying to break. I would tell the germ-o-phobe
that until she gets her ^@^%#^ medical degree she better stop practicing
medicine without a license and she has no professional degree to judge what is
contaminated and what isn't. Dennis
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