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[IP] man purse

I'm not  a man, but THE best thing for carrying everything is my Scott
evest.  They make a mens version too, as well as pants, shirts etc. with
tons of pockets.  The shorts I have from them even have a buttonhole in one
of the pockets (meant for ipod cord, but works perfectly for pump tubing.  I
do not work for them, just love their products.  www.scottevest.com  I also
use mine for flying, it's like having an extra carry-on.


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---Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 11:05:23 -0500
---From: Tony Clark <email @ redacted>
---Subject: [IP] Man purse?
---Just curious how other guys carry all the extra supplies. I'm in a
quandry about how to
---keep everything with me. I no longer work so a briefcase is kinda
useless.. I could leave
---supplies in the car but I don't always drive. I bought a small medical
case but it doesn't
---hold everything I need. I've thought about purchasing a possibles bag (
like black powder
---shooters would use), but that could be seen as a man purse. I live in a
rural community, so
---anything that looks purse-ishcould be a bad thing.
--- How do you guys do it? I'm open to suggestions.
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