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[IPn] a comment and a request

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> To: <HELP@insulin-pumpers.org>
> Subject: RE: [IPn] your comments please

> When I first subscribed to IP, I wasn't exactly new at pumping
> (been
> doing that since 1986!) but had never really had an opportunity to
> talk to others about pumping. So I learned a lot of things I hadn't
> thought of during the first couple of years. For the next few
> years,
> I found it really satisfying to help the newbies learn what I had
> learned a little faster. I don't post often any more, but I do skim
> the messages and enjoy keeping up with other pumpers. On rare
> occasions, I'm moved to refine or add to somebody's answer to a
> newbie's question, but mostly I just watch and support IP with a
> monthly donation.
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IP needs your help. Only $55 remains of the West Virginia challenge. 
You can help by contributing to the match of WEST VIRGINIA's 
remaining $$. There are thousands of you that utilize IP as a source 
of information about diabetes, diabetes management, workplace and 
school descrimination issues and much more. Insulin Pumpers is able 
to provide this to you only because of the support of its 
constituency.... YOU.  Your support is vital an necessary. Likewise, 
the pump supplies that are provided to those members of our community
that have fallen on hard times are only available because you support
the program that redeploys those items to the people that need them.  

What is needed now is for at least 5 or 10 of our many non- 
supporting members to break their habit of ignoring pledge requests 
and provide support just this once for Insulin Pumpers which is to 
say.... support the other members of the diabetes community by giving
back a little bit.

WEST VIRGINIA will double the first $55 of donations made to help 
this effort.


or use snail mail:

Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

Best regards,

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