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[IP] Re: Enlite Sensor Calibration

 I'm just on my third Enlite sensor (used the old ones for 5 years). The trainer
told me they recommended calibrating 4 times/ day with Enlites due to their
smaller, lighter size. I've still mostly just been calibrating three times
though and they've mostly been fine.

  I do lie on them at night and then they often falsely read low, but as soon as
I roll over they're accurate again. So when they're falsely low I just ignore
it. I know that it's a false read because I look at the period leading up to it
and I'm stable like at 120 and then all of a sudden after I've rolled onto the
side with the sensor I get a low alarm but I feel fine. So I figure that if it
still shows low awhile later after I switch to the other side, then I'll
actually test. Pam

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 > On Mar 28, 2014, at 3:58 PM, email @ redacted
(insulin-pumpers-digest) wrote:
> So, my questions are: What do you do if your meter and BS are constantly 
> off?  Do you calibrate 4 times a day? When you are awakened by an inaccurate 
> alarm do calibrate and hope it will work or wait and let it wake you up 
> again or just turn it off?
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