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Re: [IP] Swelling in my legs/Exercise

What are shin splints?  If it's what I think it is, it's peripheral 
artery disease.  It causes the muscles in your legs to lock up in pain 
and you have to rest for several minutes in order to walk.  I had stents 
placed in both of my femoral arteries (the ones in my thighs) 15 years 
ago.  In order to keep them from closing up again, I have to walk and 
not ride a bike (although bike-riding is permitted) because the muscles 
affected are the ones used in walking.  Walking places a demand for the 
arteries with the stents in them to deliver oxygen.  I eat a low 
carbohydrate, higher fat, medium protein diet in order to reduce 
inflammation (and that means no wheat, no sugar).

Denise Br.

On 3/22/2014 12:50 PM, Kerry Thorne wrote:

... my legs were killing me with shin splints and its not very far. I 
try to take the stairs to my office which is on the 3rd floor, by half 
way up the 2nd flight I sound like a old smoker wheezing and puffing but 
i keep doing it. Im 5'7 and 215lbs and 39 yrs old and I feel like im 
pushing 60.
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