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Re: [IP] Swelling in my legs/Exercise

Try push ups or bycycle peddling in your chair. As a diabetic I have also
suffered from dimple adema (water retention in the legs) while I was over
weight.  The only thing that will help with this is exercise. What is
happening is that you have interstitial fluid that is just sitting. In
order for that to move you have a lymph system that is supposed to move
that fluid back into the blood stream. If you are over weight and diabetic
it is harder for that fluid to move. The nice thing is that if you exercise
your legs, it will help to pump it back to the blood stream. You could even
try calf raises. I would take 5 minutes every hour and just do calf raises
till you burn out. That should help with the swelling.
On Mar 22, 2014 10:01 AM, "Kerry Thorne" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I have been on the pump for 3 months now and I'm experiencing a lot of
> swelling in my legs and ankles. I came home yesterday from work and my legs
> from my knees down hurt and there was a indent in my legs from my socks. I
> woke up with puffy eyes yesterday and today so im sure the fluid is still
> in my body just sloshing back and forth. I sit a lot at work then come home
> and sit in front of my computer to do school work as I am finishing by BA
> this year, While i try to avoid tight clothes I am a diabetic with very
> little physical activity most days, I have gained weight ( I average about
> 215 lbs) so i have bought new clothes in larger sizes so i can be more
> comfortable. I dont have any physical reason for not excising other then it
> hurts when i do it because im so out of shape and its been bloody cold for
> 6 months (Maine). Walking more then 2 blocks and i have shin splints. I
> dont know how to get started and keep going at it when it hurts so much and
> I have so much else I'm trying to do. Any suggestions?
> Kerry
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