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Re: [IP] Loaner pump setup

A better option (I'm assuming you have a modern MM pump), is to use
the "Patterns" feature to set a basal pattern that is set to 0.  This
is a bit of programming, but is better than leaving the battery out
and having to reprogram the whole thing again.

Main Menu -> Basal -> Basal Setup -> Patterns -> On
Main Menu -> Basal -> Basal Setup -> Set/Edit Basal -> Pattern A ->
Set to 0 (I actually don't know if you set it to 0, but you could set
it to 0 for 23 hours and .1U/h for 1 hour)


On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 5:48 AM, Kathie Kienle <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Last night I tried to do this again with MM but they didn't leave me in the
> same situation as last time. We programmed the pump with day, date time and
> basal rates which is what I wanted and kept the red cap on it. She explained
 > that once the reservoir driver reaches the cap, the pump will think it is
 > and start to beep. I don't want it beeping in my luggage in my stateroom when
> am not there. We decided to take the battery out and I guess I will have to
 > reprogram it myself in the event I need the loaner pump. right now the
 > is sitting against the red cap but the pump thinks it still has 122 units
> because the red cap is in the pump. The pump has no battery in it.
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