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Re: [IP] insulin questions

Insulin only lasts for a few days when kept at body temperature (e.g.
in a pump held next to you), or so I'm told.

When a MiniMed pump says there are 0 units left, there are really
10-15 left. I haven't yet experimented to find the exact amount, but
after 3 days, when it is time to change my set in the morning, and the
pump says "Low Reservoir" with 0 units left, I'll still us it for my
morning bolus of 5 units or so.

I once tried to refill a reservoir by injecting insulin in it with a
syringe. It didn't work, so I didn't try that again.


On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 7:07 AM, Kerry Thorne <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My Dr has me on 2 vials of insulin per month at a $40 copay. I load 200
> units per reseviour and sometimes i have to change my set early so im
> noticing im running out before the end of the month. Has anyone taken the
> leftover from the last resevour you used and pulled it into the new one so
> as not to waste. I did it this morning with no bubbles it was 60 units and
> since its so expensive i didnt want to throw it out just because my set was
> bad. I use the Medtronic 530g. I also just sent her a email to see if i
> need to increase my perscription
> Kerry
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