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[IP] Re: Quickset Cannulas

 Once in awhile that happens, but it's usually where I don't have enough fat and
it hits muscle. I just had one bend into a complete U shape. I called Minimed
product support and he's sending me an overnight replacement. While I was on the
phone, I also asked for a couple of samples of Mios and Sure-T's as I'm on a
quest to solve some problems I've been having lately with sites and types of
sets. He's sending me two each of those as well and I'm also trading in a box of
unopened Silhouettes for something else once I try these different types of sets
and decide what I like. I had previously met with one of their trainers a couple
of weeks ago and she also gave me a couple of Sure T's and Mios, but I want to
try a few more before deciding what to go with. So I can't say enough good
things about Minimed's customer service. Definitely call them about your
Quickset issue and they will a) help you troubleshoot and b) replace them for
you. Pam

<Ok I've been having a really bad problem here lately with my Medtronic
 quicksets I use the 9mm cannula's and they keep bending up horribly!! I've
so many only to get 3 out of a full box to go it right!! Never had this issue
before! Anyone else having this problem??>
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