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[IP] Re: insulin questions

I did that for awhile (replacing sites on a three day schedule, 
tubing/cartridge as needed, etc) but discovered, that for me, esp in 
summer, insulin that long (longer than 2-3 days)
'seemed' to get more fragile, possibly getting damaged by 'body heat'?  
BG was going wacky after a set change and after enough time for that to 
be an issue, so back to the drawing board and less time in the heat for 
the insulin (summer, quite hot) was an issue for me last summer

the road with Diabeasties is sooooo filled with YMWillV, isn't it : )

IDDM, dx January 1969

On 3/14/2014 4:40 PM, Urb Anism wrote:
> That's well thought out !
> On Friday, March 14, 2014, Dave & Babs Moffett <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I completely fill my resevoir, which last 5 days. I change my site every 3
>> days.  When its time to put in a new site I insert it straight out of the
>> package without attaching to the resevoir or pump, take the tubing off and
>> save it.  I attach the tubing of the resevoir that is still attached to the
>> pump.  I fill the canula as I would with a new site.  This allows me to use
>> all the insulin without having to mix old and new.  I'm sure I also save
>> some insulin by not filling the tubing as often. When my resevoir is empty,
>> I fill a new one. Then I attach the tubing I had saved.  I go through the
>> full new resevoir process. I just attach it to the site that was already
>> started.  I don't use as many resevoirs that way either. I have a little
>> calender in with my supplies where I record which day I change resevoir,
>> site and sensor.  It works pretty slick.
>> Babs Moffett
>> pumping 14 years, Diabetic49 years .
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