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[IP] 530G

 I haven't heard back fromMedtronic yet about the shipping date for my pump,
which would be an upgrade. I contacted the local trainer, who was good, and had
trained me on the Revel. She said Medtronic is pushing group training on the
530G, though if I really wanted one-on-one, I she could arrange for it, but she
wouldn't be my trainer. I know I have mentioned this before, but I have never
used an inserter with my SofSensors, which I wear exclusively in the buttocks.
The trainer said she has successful Enlite users who wear theirs in the
buttocks. She would give me tips.

 At this point, I keep wondering if I should just go for off-label use of the
Enlites with my
 Revel pump. My big worry with switching is that I won't find it easy to do the
taping, will have to toss out numerous Enlites while I am learning, and that
Medtronic will deny me replacements. If I had a bloody SofSensor, I didn't
always need to call the help line, since I got 6 days out of each one. I don't
want to run out of sensors. At $95 each, I am betting they will be stingy when
it comes to their replacement. Has anyone using the Enlites run out of them and
found themselves with NO sensors because of it?

 Also, are all readings on the Enlite spot-on? I am getting pretty good accuracy
with SofSensors, in that a Predicted Low sounds when I am already low, so I can
test and treat,



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