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[IP] RE: Animas calls about bubbles

Im resending an email I sent to IP on the 5th because I havent seen it in
the digest yet.  Not sure what I did incorrectly with my sent so that maybe
it was not received?


> From: rbubar <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: Animas calls about bubbles
> Date: March 5, 2014 at 5:51:23 PM EST
> To: email @ redacted
> Im not sure what to think.  I have spent the past hour waiting for an
Animas pump rep.  the first call finally went through and I got as far as my
name and said bubbles and the phone went to a dial tone.  Soooo, I tried
again.  This time I waited forty minutes for a rep. to pick up!!!  I mentioned
the hang up and asked her to take my phone # just in case it happened again!!
And it DID happenas soon as I said the word bubbles! No one has called
back.  Is Animas having a problem with bubbles?  I know I am, with them!!!!!
I am so frustrated!!!  I have mentioned this before, here, but I have enormous
problems with bubbles in the tubing and I have tried EVERYthing.  I am now
disconnecting and checking the tubing before every mealtime bolus, just in
case.  Every time I shower and before going to bed, I check the tubing before
reconnecting and there is ALWAYS a 1/2 inch to 1inch, or MORE, space there.
And actual bubbles in the tubing range from 2 inch to 4 inch, etc., and appear
all too frequentlyNO JOKE!!!  I happen to take VERY little insulin so it is
making me a little crazy when I find a higher than normal blood sugar, out of
the blue, disconnect and discover a good sized space at the end of the tubing.
This is becoming more than the already full-time job it normally is.  As I
sat, waiting, I saw in the book for the Ping, on p. 34, that the lowest basal
delivery amount possible is 0.025.  Thats one reason I USE the Animas pump
except for the additional little detail that my basal is actually set at 00.00
from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.could that possibly be making the pump tubing get
bubbles???  I had planned to ask about that, assuming I could ever actually
talk with a rep.  Im just wondering if maybe Animas has more of a bubble
problem than they want to admit.
> Where do I go from here?  Do I contact the FDA?
> Barbara  Type I
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