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[IP] Re: IP - Medicare/Express Scripts Questions

 It gets complicated with an HSA and Medicare. First, once you have Medicare you
are no longer allowed to contribute to an HSA, but you may use whatever balance
was in there when you started on Medicare to pay for your Medicare coinsurance
expenses. So the first question for you is whether the money in your HSA account
was contributed after you started Medicare. If you were spending money
previously contributed then the question is whether your employer plan considers
test strips under it's prescription drug benefit as it does with the blood
pressure meds. If you don't have Medicare Part D because you have your wife's
plan instead, then Medicare will not cover your prescription meds, so for sure
your blood pressure med would not be covered by Medicare. Test strips are
normally a Part B expense, but if your employer plan considers them a
prescription drug/pharmacy benefit rather than DME like many employer plans do,
then no, Medicare Part B won't
  coordinate with that. I'm betting that's what happened with you. For more info
about HSA plans and Medicare see the following link. Pam

<I'm hope some of you very knowledgeable people can help me out.

I have Medicare parts A and B and also on my wife's insurance through United
Health Care.
I just received a call from Express scripts regarding a refill of blood
pressure meds and test strips for my medtronic pump. I paid with Health Care
 spending account card thru my wife's employer and asked if Medicare paid for
of these refills and was told no. Is that correct.?
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