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Re: [IP] RE: bolusing for protein

 I used to smile when people would post that .5 unit would always drop them x
points of blood glucose, or y amount of insulin always covered a particular
meal. There are so many variables affect diabetes from fat eaten 6 hours before
to stress, weather, activity, viruses and sickness, time of year etc. We do the
best we know how and constantly test and adjust. Our basals are set for the
average day, but not all days are average.

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From: "Susan Lane" <email @ redacted> 
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Sent: Saturday, March 1, 2014 10:35:55 AM 
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George, you're saying exactly what I'm saying. You ate nothing but meat 
and your body actually turned some of that into carbs, because you didn't 
eat any carbs with it. Then the fat in the meat made you insulin resistant 
so your basals probably weren't being properly absorbed either. You know, 
George, and everyone out there in IP land, all of these theories are 
probably true, but the frustrating part is that as diabetics we just never 
know what's going to happen. I almost always go a bit high in the morning 
after having fat the day before, but last week I had a big fat ice cream 
(and it wasn't low fat), two scoops, and I woke up perfect the next day. 
So, there you go. Susan 
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