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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1674

 I bought a small cordura case on Amazon for about $9. It does a good job for
me. The new X2 clip is better than G4 clip.

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 > On Jun 20, 2020, at 8:42 PM, Sandy Grace
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> o;?Such great information. I am now wondering how people keep the pump case
> clip from falling off every time I move. I actually have lost it, so I am
> keeping it in my pockets.  I am debating purchases another clip or case
> until I hear insights from you all. Thanks. Sandy
> -----Original Message----- From: Adam Brock
> Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 7:47 AM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1674
> I used Medtronic's quicksets for several years but when I switched to Tandem
> I
> went with the autosofts. I also experienced issues with bent cannulas and I
> found the insertion process awkward. Several users in a Facebook group
> recommended TruSteel, so I figured I would give it a shot. OMG I absolutely
> love
> them, and I can't believe no one told me about the advantages sooner. I no
> longer have absorption issues with carb heavy meals or sugary alcoholic
> drinks
> and my BGs are much more stable. I do try to change every two days, but
> sometimes I'm able to stretch it to three if I'm not using a lot of insulin.
> I've found that the tipping point seems to be the amount of insulin pushed
> through, not the number of days. For me that's around 180-200 units so I
> just
> fill my reservoir with about 250 units and change at 3 days or when it runs
> out.
> Another benefit to TruSteel is that if you need to move the site or it comes
> loose, you just clean with alcohol and reinsert. You don't have to change
> the
> tubing or set because the steel can always be reinserted.
> I have found the TruSteel sites seem to be pickier about where they will
> work
> compared to the quicksets. For example on my hips I have to stay very close
> to
> the centerline of my waist, if I go more than a few inches off that I get
> terrible absorption. The only other downside is the TruSteel are not
> available
> with the 43" tubing.
> As far as getting the sites to stick, I've never had an issue. I clean the
> area
> with IV-Prep (combination alcohol and adhesive) before applying the site. If
> I
> have to move the TruSteel site it will not stick to my body a second time so
> I
> cover it with a cut in half Tegaderm 1626W. I use a full Tegaderm 1626W for
> my
> Dexcom sensor.
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