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RE; [IP] Does anyone have experience trying to return a pump?

 I was able to successfully obtain a full refund after the thirty days. I had a
long list of documented instances of very high BG on the third day. My husband
had experience with those bladder type cartridge/pump systems in a different way
and felt it was never fully emptying. Also, the fact that I am on a very low
basal meant enough insulin wasn't being 'missed' by the system, so no occlusion
alarms were happening. Others have had the same issue, though not many. You can
find blog posts expressing this issue with Tandem. I need to add, this was an
older model, maybe three years ago or four? I went back to the Ping, and then
Omnipod after they returned my money. The pod program was really the best offer
I found, but I sure am glad Tandem accepted that things were not working for me.
Btw, I really went through a dreadful time with that pump. I was tossing set
after set, and being told I was filing wrong etc. In the end, they admitted some
folks do have this issue. The local rep was very very good, and really backed me
up to the higher ups in the company.
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