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Re: [IP] Does anyone have experience trying to return a pump?

 I was told they were very lax on the x number of day trial period and it
wasnbt actually a firm number.

 The resistance you describe is a known issue where part of the membrane gets
stuck in the needle. Itbs called coring.

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 > On Jun 6, 2020, at 2:01 PM, Phoenix Becker
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> o;?Hi Pumpers,
> After 18 years of pumping, last December, I switched from my old Paradigm
> to the new Tandem pump with the closed loop Dexcom G6. I've loved the new
> G6, it is so much better than my old G5, I also sometimes liked the closed
> loop, but mostly I've had problems. I have frequent occlusion alarms and
> even when it is working I often feel like it might be partially occluded.
> It often suspends my insulin to prevent a small low only to result in a big
> high a couple hours later. Defective cartridges that won't fill or won't
> prime or simply have fill resistance have been a problem and a concern. I
> experience fill resistance and then feel like I'm not getting all my
> insulin (bg hovering at 150-180 despite repeat corrections and a general
> ketone feeling). I've been trying to find a way to make it work for 6
> months and it has become clear that my controle is just getting worse. I
> don't like to give up but it is clear this pump is not going to work for me.
> I'm now trying to find a way to try and return the pump. I've worked with
> Tandem to document all the issues I'm having. Does anyone have
> experience successful or not trying to return a pump that is not working
> for them?
> Phoenix
> .
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