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RE: [IP] Re: Dentally Challenged?

I have the type of teeth that rotted as soon as they came in and very
"sickly" gums as well.  I could brush, stimudent and floss 20 times a day
all to no avail.  I have worn upper and lower partials since high school.
Every remaining tooth was filled on all 4 surfaces or root canal and
crowned.  Every 15-20 years those fillings and  crowns need to be replaced.
All four quadrants have been tipped (periodontal surgery) twice and some
parts even more.  I had one tooth for a while that the entire v of the root
was exposed.  

I had 15 remaining teeth in April when I went for my checkup.  Every tooth
needed crowned or recrowned and 2 needed pulled which meant 2 new partials
as well, almost $12,000.  I would have had 13 teeth left.  The fun part was
the dentist said that they were all so loose that I probably would not be
able to keep them but another 7 to 8 years.  

I probably have over $100,000 in my mouth since my childhood.  I just
couldn't see another 12 grand for the next 8 years.  Out they all came and
I'm trying to acclimate to full dentures.  I'm motivated, because it's ugly
without them, but I have several very sore areas and several bone chips
trying to work out.  I've had them only a week today so I'm still working on

Now whether this all has to do anything with my T2 diabetes or my mother not
being able to drink milk while carrying me who knows - at this point who
cares.   We always had all the milk we wanted while we were growing up.   I
do think that some folks just have lousy teeth.

My brother has perfect teeth, no cavities at 50 +, straight, even and white.
Sometimes I want to knock them all out!  :)    

Nora Nevers
T2 11/92, OmniPod 2/10

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