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Re: [IP] Re: Dentally Challenged?

 I do have more of my own teeth than most of the people my age that I know. I am
a septuagenarian and have been on insulin for 55 years. I do have periodontal
disease and I do have good dental care.
 I just saw them Tuesday and now I have GC MI Psste Plus (mint flavored) to
apply to my teeth. I will start with it one of these days. Always something!
On Jun 30, 2011, at 11:57 PM, email @ redacted wrote:

 > I'm 29 years old, about to turn 30 & have had T1 diabetes for 21 years. I
 > had a cavity as a young child. My first filling was done around 11 years old.
 > dentist recently told me he sees more dental problems with diabetics & has
> a lot of root canals on diabetics but that it's hard to say if the disease
> actually causes dental problems with not enough research being done to prove
> that point.
> As for the theory of diets high in milk causing diabetes, I hated milk as a
 > child & the only milk I drank was with my cereal. Who knows if we'll ever
> what exactly causes diabetes or if there is such a thing.
> Lauren W.
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> About milk, there are some scientists who suspect that the T-cell attack 
> on the islet cells is triggered when milk proteins leak from an immature 
> intestine, attach themselves to the islet cells and the immune systems 
> sees the complex as "foreign" and kills it.
> Another school of thought is that bacteria in the mouth, ears and throat 
> does something like that.
> Research has not proven nor disproved either of these theories and there 
> are others, too!
> Denise B.
> On 6/30/2011 5:58 PM, Susan Lane wrote:
>> i, too had tons of cavities as a kid.  It was ridiculous.  11 of them one
>> time and I went to the dentist regularly and I brushed twice a day.  I did
>> not get diabetes until I was 58 years old.  I don't think there's a
>> connection, but who knows?   I also drank tons of milk and some people say
>> that can lead to Diabetes.  Another who knows?
> .
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