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[IP] Man Purse/Travel Jacket thank you

 Talking about flying and keeping insulin cold reminded me I should say Thank
You to the list for the discussion you had about the Man Purse. One post
mentioned a travel jacket. Since I was trying to learn the new rules of packing
and scanning, it seemed like a good idea. I put diabetes supplies in the pockets
and eliminated my usual bag which looks like a purse but carries all I might

 I got a fleece travel jacket with 22 pockets. Turned out it was cold in Iowa
and the fleece was helpful. For the x-ray scanning I put the jacket in a bin.
There was only a metal detector, no body scanner, at this gate so I showed them
my pump and walked through. I was told to stand in a three sided transparent
plastic box and wait. Eventually they had me touch the pump and swabbed my hands
and tested.

 As I waited I noticed my carry on bag and netbook and insulin and shoes had
come through the scanner but not the travel jacket. I looked back and the TSA
agent was pulling the jacket back and forth through the scanner trying to see
all the things I had stashed in there. LOL! But it got through eventually.

 Finding helpful conversations just when I need them is the great value of the
IP list for me. Thanks to everyone.

Dexcom, dead Cozmo and waiting for a new pump
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