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[IP] "Cure in five years"

Some of us have heard this mantra for almost (and some over) fifty years and
we still wait.

What many of us fail to remember is where we were fifty years ago....

How many of you would like to
  1) take four to five blood tests a year
  2) control insulin/food via urine tests (out of date by hours at best)
  3) have to boil syringes so that can be used again (since they cost so
much and no plastic ones on market)
  4) have a physician tell you that your child will be fortunate to live 20
years, but expect eyes, kidneys, etc to only make it.....

I would NOT want to go back.  Not to even look that far back, how about 
    1)  stainless steel catheters, 
    2)stainless steel lancets (no lancet devices invented yet) 
    3) wait one minute and then wash glucose test strip off with a stream of
water before reading, 
    4) ONE basal rate which needs to be produced by properly diluting the
U40 insulin
   5) bolus infusion amounts need to calculated based on above dilution
   6) 24 hour recharge on battery and 24 hour life on one in pump
   7)  Runaway on the order of twice or three times a year (if you have been
fortunate enough to have not heard of a 'runaway' (the one that all pumps
now advertise will NOT happen) it was a name given to pumps which were in
permanent BOLUS mode (i.e. it just dumped the entire reservoir into the body
without being asked to)
   8) A choice of pump in any color black you wanted it.
   9) No download of pump (or meter) info
  10) most hospitals and doctors looked at one using the pump as a weird
'cyborg' who should go to NASA for treatment....
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