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[IP] Re:End of my Cozmo

 Thanks, Sarah. I replaced the battery cap when this happened, but it still
fails. The next time I have to unscrew it, I'll try cleaning the threads inside.

 I feel really fortunate when it runs for hours and gets me through the night.
It also reminds me of what is essential, and I am looking at that instead of
what I am losing from the Cozmo features.

 My favorite is the disconnect function, because it is so fascinating to see how
it can figure out just what basal I missed while disconnected. And if I used the
option to input some of the lost basal before I disconnected, but then
reconnected sooner than planned, it knows to hold back on the basal and not give
me extra. Putting in a .2 unit on my own (my swag) will not be as entertaining.

 I hope the Animas-Dexcom will get here for you. Everything is slow to get
approval now.


I had a similar problem when I was away from home.  They had me clean  
the threads of the battery compartment and replace the cap and then it  
worked ok,  maybe that'll work for you.  I am very sympathetic because  
my cosmo is today out of  warranty and i  hate to think of changing  
pumps.  I'm going to try to hold out for the animus pump with the cgm  
which may come out this fall or winter.  Good luck, Sarah
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