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[IP] Rainbow vision and spaceships

IDK (I don't know) but I see the white spots early in the morning when I get 
up out of bed too quick and there is a lower blood sugar issue as part of 
the symptoms. It is mostly all when I am woke up suddenly by the alarm clock 
or my super silly pump alarm disturbing my sleep. I do appreciate the CGMS's 
silenced alarm feature but sometimes I forget that the alarm was silenced 
defeating it's purpose.
The UFO's and all the other features cause us to be part of 
history/controversy  of area 51, I think that is what they call it, but we 
are not going to let that "leak out" as part of experiment, if you know what 
I mean.....a hang nail is a fault of diabetes out of control, dry skin is 
because of diabetes being out of control....Don't get me started, it may get 
I had a case of diabetic retinopathy in 2007, I always had my blood pressure 
checked at the doctor's office and at the same time BP started to rise so 
did my anxiety. I did blame allergy medicine as I figured out I cannot take 
any over the counter sleep aides, Tylenol PM, Dramamine, because the 
Diprophenidine (spelling), anyway the drug makes me so hyper that I can't 
sleep for days after taking it. I do know I need my sleep but can't take it. 
It is an awareness and don't want to go back there, as there is no direct 
cause of diabetic retinopathy but all the docs told me is there is a high 
blood sugar and high blood pressure effect, my blood pressure has always 
been at the prehypertensive rate and is now under control with blood 
pressure meds.Sharon

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 10:13:19 +0200
From: vdr jean <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] "rainbow" vision

I do not see "overexposed" white light, but it's a little bit difficult for 
to read when I am under 70 : I have to re-read lines. I relate it to the
sophisticated micro eye movements needed for reading. It's a sure low BG 
for me. I can use it if I doubt I am OK. I guess the brains , when low in
(sugar) fuel, disconnects what's "not important" first. I am not an expert, 
I guess controlling the "aperture" of the eye to avoid too much light might
imply a sophisticated retroactive muscular movement too. I am a little bit 
wondering about the "rainbow effect". It sure is worth investigating a 
bit, especially if laser surgery has already been needed (which is my case, 
I do not see rainbows when low. - Must be a nice picture, though !)
I think one should experiment and search a little bit around the impact of 
BG on one's sophisticated bodily functions (like vision, hearing, body 
and temperature, you name it). It might give one a set of new indications 
"self tests" in order to get early warnings of a low. I for sure managed to 
a quantity of costly bg tests that way : if I suspect I am low for whatever
reason, I do a quick reading test to have another evidence of a low, then 
(not avertreat it of course..) it if positive. Then I have another try at
reading small types in the next hour.

Jean Debefve in Belgium

Le 25 juin 2011 ` 02:58, Laura Shapiro a icrit :

> 60 or below, cant see for the white light all over the room....then it 
> turns
> into a blob which I fondly call Ms. Pacman......
> wacka wacka wacka.....
> Laura in NM.
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