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Re: [IP] End of my Cozmo

I had a similar problem when I was away from home.  They had me clean  
the threads of the battery compartment and replace the cap and then it  
worked ok,  maybe that'll work for you.  I am very sympathetic because  
my cosmo is today out of  warranty and i  hate to think of changing  
pumps.  I'm going to try to hold out for the animus pump with the cgm  
which may come out this fall or winter.  Good luck, Sarah
On Jun 27, 2011, at 11:29 AM, Maryle Ashley wrote:

> My Cozmo is at death's door. It has the electronic failure problem  
> where it
> starts making the European ambulance sound. All I can do to stop  
> that is back
> off the battery cap until it loses connection. Then I put the  
> battery cap back
> and it goes through start up. It may run for 1, 3, 20 minutes or  
> sometimes hours
> before it starts alarming again.
> When I was under warranty, Smiths would replace it immediately when  
> this
> happened. In fact this occurred about 3 days before my warranty  
> expired last
> December. Now being on Medicare and out of warranty, I am beginning  
> a new path
> to getting a replacement.
> I appreciated the recent discussions on this list about other pumps  
> and about
> getting a pump on Medicare.
> I am leaning to the Spirit because of my high priority for a 3  
> minute basal
> delivery and needing more than 12 basal segments. I never thought I  
> would go
> back to Roche after the poor treatment I had from them with my  
> Disetronic pumps.
> But when the chips are down, it is the basic functions I need, not  
> bells and
> whistles. Leaving the Cozmo is a step backward, but I have to accept  
> that with
> any of the pumps and just let go of those nice to have features.
> So with a big swallow, I say goodbye to my Cozmo. (I am hoping it  
> will inch
> along until I get a replacement.)
> Maryle
> Dexcom and ??pump
> .
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