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Re: [IP] Type 1's new name

>Mine goes up also and I've learned to raise my
> basal insulin for about 3 hours by about 30%.  I'm still experimenting with
> this and it also depends on if I'm going to exercise or how my glucose level
> has been running all day.  I think your sugar levels go way up, because you
> put the infusion set where there's fat and it takes some time for the
> insulin to be absorbed into the fat and start going into your body to keep
> your levels down.  This is my theory, not the doctors.

 Interesting method! I've never tried that method. What I do is to give a large
prime to "get the site going", or as you put it to absorb into the fat. I've
always thought of it as a pool that the site will now "give up" for the rest of
the body to use. What has made me think this? If I exercise quite hard, my bg
goes down, as does most everyone. Then, if I totally relax(like take a nap), my
bg will rise for a while afterwards until the pool refills. Then, I'm back to
normal readings. I know that the liver can dump glucose if one gets low, but
does it also do this if your reading has only dropped to 100?
 Keep me informed as to how your 3 hours of + 30% works for you. I may try the
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